AS 9100 Certification in Australia

About AS 9100

The AS 9100 standard was created with the aviation, aerospace, and military sectors in mind. This international standard establishes a set of standards for establishing, monitoring, maintaining, implementing, and continuously improving the performance of the aerospace industry’s quality management system.

AS 9100 certification focuses on aerospace quality and is based on the ISO 9001 quality management system standard. Organizations can use AS 9100 to ensure that they are meeting all legal obligations. The AS 9100 quality management system standard makes it easier for aerospace companies to consistently satisfy client requirements.

AS 9100 Certification

Which Organizations Can Obtain AS 9100 Certification?

AS 9100 certification is available to organizations that produce, establish, or sell aviation, space, and defense goods and services, including parts and components. The standards for AS 9100 Certification are suited for any aerospace sector that wishes to execute its quality management system systematically, regardless of size, type, or location.

The Process of AS 9100 Certification

Manufacturers must adopt an aerospace industry-specific quality management system that is consistent with AS 9100 and pass a third-party audit in order for their certification to be internationally recognized.

An efficient quality management system comprises the following components:

  • Policies for Quality Management
  • Instructions, Procedures, and Documents
  • Control of Products Provided by Customers
  • Controlling the Processes of Subcontracting
  • Parts Identification and Traceability

Manufacturers can begin the AS 9100 certification procedure once the aerospace industry’s quality management system has been created, implemented, and maintained. An independent certification agency such as IAS assesses the organization’s quality management system to ensure that it satisfies the criteria of AS 9100 in practice. IAS will award AS 9100 certification if any non-conformities discovered during the external audit are addressed and fixed.

Online AS 9100 Certification Audits by IAS

IAS also conducts AS 9100 certification audits through the use of online web testing tools. Going through the online test scenarios for your system documentation, as well as testing all policies and other essential processes, are among the tasks. After the audit is completed successfully, IAS issues a certificate saying that your company is AS 9100 certified in compliance with the applicable standards.

Why Choose IAS to Obtain AS 9100 Certification?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes AS 9100 standards; however, they do not provide IAS 9100 certification. As a result, companies rely on third-party certification bodies like IAS to get AS 9100 accreditation. IAS is a prominent AS 9100 Certification body in Australia, assisting businesses in assuring the effectiveness of their AS 9100 quality management system for the aerospace industry by performing conformity assessments with qualified specialists and experienced auditors. IAS examines your activities against the criteria of the standard to guarantee that you receive AS 9100 certification in a timely process. Once you successfully achieve ISO certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our AS 9100 certification Search Page!

Advantages of AS 9100 Certification

The AS 9100 standard assists aerospace firms in achieving the following goals:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Meet stringent quality requirements for the aerospace industry
  • Enhance operating efficiency
  • Cost-cutting
  • Obtain a competitive edge
  • Demonstrate that you are following all local and international regulations.

For more information on AS 9100 certification and AS 9100 certification Process, please contact us or visit our AS 9100 certification frequently asked questions page to learn more.