ISO 45001 Certification

About ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001 is an international standard for an Occupational Health and Safety Management system (OHSMS). It lays forth the rules for reducing or preventing occupational risks, injuries, and infections in the workplace. It also aids in the improvement of all employees’ physical and emotional well being.

For effective business growth, ISO 45001:2018 can be combined with other management standards. For the safety and well being of employees, this standard directs businesses to evaluate, measure, and monitor hazard identification, incident reporting, and job hazard analysis.

ISO 45001 Certification

Which Organizations Can Obtain ISO 45001 Certification in Australia?

Any industry, regardless of size or services that wishes to enhance the safety and well being of its employees can apply for ISO 45001 certification. Some of the most popular sectors that benefit from ISO 45001 certification are as follows:

  • Mining and Automobile Industries
  • Power Plants for the Construction Industry
  • Manufacturers of Chemicals
  • Hospitals

Requirements for ISO 45001 Certification in Australia

A company seeking ISO 45001 certification in Australia must have an occupational health and safety management system that includes specific quality policies, processes, duty assignments, roles, and responsibilities. ISO 45001 certification covers the majority of a company’s occupational health and safety management system procedures. ISO audits are also conducted by certification bodies to ensure that businesses are in conformity with ISO 45001.

The ISO 45001 certification approach includes creating and implementing a and OHSMS that follows the ISO’s best practices, putting it in place, and having an ISO-approved auditor do a complete audit of the system. This audit requires specific documentation, and the auditor may make suggestions that must be followed in order to acquire ISO 45001 certification.

The Process of ISO 45001 Certification in Australia

ISO 45001 certification in Australia is earned by showing how an organization meets occupational health and safety standards. IAS reviews the material given by your business, which includes management system policies, risk assessments, internal audits, and other associated papers, as part of the ISO 45001 certification process in Australia.

Qualified IAS auditors will perform external audits of your system after the paperwork has been evaluated to ensure that ISO 45001 requirements are being followed correctly. IAS will award your organization ISO 45001 certification once the external audits are completed successfully. For more information, please visit our ISO 45001 Certification Process page!

Online ISO 45001 Certification Audits by IAS

IAS also conducts ISO 45001 certification audits through the use of online web testing tools. Going through the online test scenarios for your system documentation, as well as testing all policies and other essential processes, are among the tasks. After the audit is completed successfully, IAS issues a certificate saying that your company is ISO 45001 certified in compliance with a number of standards.

Why Choose IAS to Obtain ISO 45001 Certification?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes ISO 45001 standards; however, they do not provide ISO 45001 certification. As a result, companies rely on third-party certification bodies like IAS to get ISO 45001 certification. IAS is a prominent ISO 45001 Certification body in Australia, assisting businesses in assuring the effectiveness of their ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system by performing conformity assessments with qualified specialists and experienced auditors. IAS examines your activities against the criteria of the standard to guarantee that you receive ISO 45001 certification in a timely process.

Advantages of ISO 45001 Certification in Australia

In Australia, ISO 45001 certification shows your clients, workers, stakeholders, and the general public that you are dedicated to enhancing workplace safety. The ISO 45001 standard is recognized in more than 140 countries, making it the most extensively used occupational health and safety management standard in the world. Some of the advantages of ISO 45001 certification include:

  • Enhances workplace employee satisfaction
  • Increases credibility
  • Ensuring all applicable legislative and regulatory obligations are met
  • Reduces the danger and hazard posed by machinery or equipment
  • OHSMS performance is improved, and needless expenses are reduced
  • Increased client retention and satisfaction

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