Product Certification Procedure in Australia

Product Certification Procedure

For many types of products, components, and accessories seeking entry to key markets across the world, pre-market clearance and certification is a legal necessity. Manufacturers also opt to have their goods examined in accordance with the technical criteria of voluntary standards in order to fulfill certification requirements.

Companies can differentiate their goods from rivals by submitting them for further optional testing and certification, demonstrating their commitment to providing buyers and customers with high-quality, safe-to-use items. Suppliers, retailers, regulators, and consumers may be certain that an independent group has assessed a product’s production process and decided that it meets specified safety, quality, sustainability, or performance requirements.

product certification procedure

Application Form Requirements

  1. Basic requirements, such as:
  • Products manufactured
  • Product specifications as per the standard
  • Process of products manufactured
  • Quality compliances
  • Packing requirements (if applicable)
  • Labeling requirements
  • Product manual
  • Raw materials and their controls
  • Design control (if applicable)
  • Hygienic concerns (if applicable)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  1. Legal requirements such as:
  • Company registration
  • Product/service-related compliances in the country rendered.

After the application is received from the organization, our technical team will analyze the data to customize a plan for the product review with the requirements stated in the standard.

Product File/Specification Review

Our techno-commercial team will guide you on the process of certification and will help in finding the right standards applicable to your organization. The team will send you the quotation for your approval.

After a contract/agreement is signed, the technical team selects and approves the Auditor/Technical Expert who will review the details prior to the audit to provide the best services possible.

Compliance Audit

The auditors evaluate the conformity of the product/service that is being audited against the applicable standard.

Nonconformance and Closure

Any deviations in the effectiveness of implementation methods used for acceptance of product/services which is audited against the product/process applicable standards are defined as nonconformities. Any nonconformity is given a time period of 60 days to be resolved. Nonconformities will be resolved subject to the closure of evidence and test results.

Release of Certificate

After the evaluation of nonconformity closure, IAS will issue the certificate. Upon receipt of the certificate, the client can use the logo on the product as per logo rules.

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