GOST-R Certification in Australia

About GOST-R

GOST-R is a technical document that allows enterprises to sell their products in Russia more easily if they meet Russian safety and quality standards. To put it another way, GOST-R is a certification mark that recognizes items that have been produced under Russian safety requirements.

When exporting products to Russia, obtaining GOST-R Certification is a time and cost-effective solution to clear customs. It expands your company’s sales and earnings by providing new business opportunities. Client confidence in your products is further boosted by GOST-R certification. GOST-R certification is required for more than 70% of all products marketed and used in Russia, according to Russian federal legislation.

GOST-R Certification

Who Can Apply for GOST-R Certification?

Companies wishing to manufacture or sell goods in Russia can obtain GOST-R certification. It is necessary for the company’s product(s) to obtain a GOST-R certificate in order to cross customs and join the Russian business market without difficulties. The following are some of the things that require GOST-R certification:

  • Electronic and electrical goods
  • Food goods
  • Medical equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals found in the home
  • Operating Equipment/Machines
  • Materials used in consumer packaging

Advantages of GOST-R Certification

  • Products may enter the Russian market without any barriers or restrictions
  • Increased access to global markets
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Promotes the image and brand of your firm
  • Risks are minimized
  • Increase your product’s traceability by using consumer packaging materials

Requirements for GOST-R Certification

The following are the GOST-R certification requirements:

  • The Manufacturer’s Name
  • The Customs Product Code – This is used to identify the commodity category a product belongs to. This code will also be printed on the certificate, and it must be the same on all of the product’s sheets.
  • Description of the Product – A brief description of the product, such as the product brochure, would be sufficient for GOST-R certification.
  • Images or Drawings of the Product – While this information isn’t always required, it may assist you in better understanding the product’s genuine purpose and design.

GOST-R Certification Procedure Through IAS

Under GOST-R, IAS can certify a single batch of products or a full series of items. A certificate for a corporation that sells goods in Russia is legalized in the first scenario. If a firm wants to be accredited for the items it creates, our experts issue GOST-R certification for its manufacturing facilities. GOST-R certification is issued based on the findings of product samples being tested in a laboratory. The following are the steps for obtaining GOST-R certification through IAS:

  • Complete the product(s) that require GOST-R certification.
  • Contact IAS with the completed GOST-R Application form to discuss the details of GOST-R certification.
  • Initial documentation is submitted by the manufacturer or trader (based on GOST-R standards, including test certificates)
  • Ensure that the documentation meets the GOST-R specifications.
  • An audit is performed to ensure that the product meets the GOST-R certification criteria.
  • Final documentation must be sent, as well as any further clarifications that may be needed.
  • The finished document is evaluated and a suggestion is made.
  • The certification of GOST-R compliance will be issued by IAS.

Once you successfully achieve ISO certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our GOST-R certification Search Page!

Why Choose IAS for GOST-R Certification?

In Australia, Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is a globally recognized certified Certification Body that provides product and management system certification. GOST-R Certification is available in Australia as well as other nations across the world. We have two decades of professional expertise auditing and delivering GOST-R Certification and other product and process certifications, having been founded in 2006. IAS provides comprehensive counseling to its clients (organizations/manufacturers) in order to ensure that all essential requirements are met in order to obtain the desired certification.

For more information on GOST-R Certification and GOST-R Certification Process, please contact us or visit our GOST-R Certification frequently asked questions page to learn more.

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